Major Millions jackpot strategy

Major Millions is a 5 reel, 15 line jackpot slots developed by the gaming giant Microgaming. In the recent times many players have experienced to see their life changed completely after hitting the fast-growing jackpot on this slot machine. This casino game is offered in almost all online casino sites that offer games from Microgaming.

In this article we will try to look more deeply in all the different ways to optimize your ROI (return on investment) when playing the Major Millions. We’ll show you when to play, where to play and how much you should bet to have the best chance to win the big jackpot.

When you should play?

It is important to think about ROI all the time if you want to be a serious gambler who is looking after the progressive jackpots. When you do hit such jackpot it should be as large as possible, so you get the most in relation to your investments. On Major Millions slot machine the record jackpot which have been taken so far is around 1,800,000 USD. The average Jackpot is approximately $566,000 and the jackpot is hit on average every 72 days. To have the most from your bets you should never play for a progressive jackpot that is below average. You should always wait to play Major Millions until the jackpot gets bigger than $566,000.

How much should you bet?

Major Millions has a maximum bet of €3 and if you want to try playing for the jackpot you must bet the maximum. You can play for lower sums, but then you can not play for the jackpot, while this is the whole idea of ​​playing on this slot machine.

Bankroll and bonuses

In order to compete effectively for this jackpot, we recommend you to have a bankroll of at least €1,000. When having such bankroll, which is like a huge sum for many, you have better chances to win. However, you could use the help of the welcome bonus which you could get when register to a new casino. This bonus can be used as part of your bankroll, so you do not have to spend as much of your own money. We recommend that you sign up in Mr Smith Casino. They offer great welcome bonuses and many different jackpot games.


If you have a medium-sized bankroll and you are looking for big progressive jackpots, the Major Millions Microgaming is a good choice. Remember that you must bet the maximum amount of €3 to be able to compete for the jackpot. To increase your chances of winning you should make sure that you could get some kind of casino bonuses. Such bonus will let you play sections of the game without having to invest your own money. The longer you play, the more chance of winning the jackpot you have.